DNL mathématiques en anglais en Seconde

Exemples de cours en DNL de mathématiques pour la classe de Seconde


Vraies leçons ou simples idées, ces cours se sont parfois inspirés d'autres documents trouvés deci delà sur le net. Dans ce cas, je cite mes sources.

 Lesson 1 - Basic vocabulary :

Getting cosy with reading numbers, basic expressions and operations in English, with exercises that use working in pairs, or alone.

To produce this document I used and internet document of Laure helme-Guizon that can be found here.  She also adapted a document from Algebra Teacher’s activity Kit by Judith Muscha. 

 Crossword from lesson 1 vocabulary, made with the site edhelpers (search for "Build a FREE Crossword Puzzle" in the page)

 Lesson 2 - Sentences and directions : Getting acquainted with some usual directions used to solve a mathematical problem/exercise.

 Test n° 1 from lesson 1 and 2 (around 30 min)

 Lesson 3Shapes : learning the basic geometric shapes and working on locic, geometry properties. The mathematical level is "troisième" or less. 

 Test n°2 from lesson 3 (around 45 minutes)

 Lesson 4 - Cartoons and funnies - I love that one, I made it from scratch, you get to learn about 4 famous mathematicians (Bernoulli, Pythagoras, Euclid and Fermat) so the aim is to ask the pupils to make some research about them and then make them tell the others.

Here is the biography page I made : Lesson 4 biography

Homework preparation (in class) and a homework for the pupils (and correction) : some basic exercises in geometry.


Still to come :

Lesson 5 - Maths in computer games : a bunch of great documents using vectors, space geometry, coordinates, etc, that can be found here. By the way, this site is really good for ideas !!

An extract of "Flatland" (Edwin A. Abbott), to be used as English teachers do it in their class, but in a mathematical way !


Useful links :

My favorite, really helpful : Teaching maths through English : a CLIL approach (lots of tips on how to build a lesson)

The book of numbers for anecdotes about numbers, to build lessons with.

edhelpers build English crosswords for free (search for "Build a FREE Crossword Puzzle" in the page)

Math is good for you : a lot of cool stuff to get ideas from

English for mathematics : a fun document with little games now and again to get ideas from (again !)

Teaching material

IREM de la Réunion : Ensigner les mathématiques en section européenne, liste de documents de référence.

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